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His political/civic background: In 1968, my first antiwar poem “Know Other Way,” was banned by the Lane Tech Prep. In many ways, I have spent the last 50 years focused on ways to reduce Violence in Society ranging from Child Abuse and Domestic Violence to Gangs and Corruption to even War itself.


In 1972, I received a 99 percentile on the Science Section of the MCATs along with numerous other high scores (See Bio and CV.). With these test results in hand, I “cashed in” by spending the next 10 years studying the neuroanatomical, neurophysiological, neuropharmacological, electrophysiological and behavioral correlates of Brain Information Processing. Not only is the brain the one “tool” that makes all of the other tools, understanding human behavior from the genetic to synaptic to macroeconomic levels was fundamental if these problems were ever to be solved. (Who is Hari Zeldon?) During this time, I made approximately $3000/year, ate lots of potatoes and lived in an electric blanket during the winter.


When I finally did go to Rush Medical College, I won multiple awards for my work including being one of 15 semi-finalists in an HHS competition in Preventive Medicine for my paper on “Workfare Interventions in the Welfare System.” This was my first formal paper concerning my work on Safe Haven which has continued now for over 30 years. Other awards were related to my Brain Research.

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If within the next decade we can again walk down any street anywhere in America at any time of the day or night and both feel and actually be safe, then we are starting to do our job. If we can go into any home and find love and caring; if we can go into any school and find learning and growing; if we can go into any workplace and find productive and drug-free employees; if we can reach out into any neighborhood and find a sense of pride and commitment to the Community, then indeed a new millennium will have been reached. This is our goal. This is our dream. It is one I hope to share with you all. Working alone we can accomplish little.  But working TOGETHER we can Change the World. As we read history and set the agenda, we have only seven years to go and not a second to lose. Let these be goals truly worthy of us all.

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As a Physician and Scientist and, now, Candidate for Congress in CD5,

I fundamentally believe that we must move from Lose-Lose “Politics as Usual” to Win-Win GOOD GOVERNMENT based on GOOD SCIENCE and GOOD PREVENTIVE MEDICINE if we are to finally Break the Gridlock that has held us back for far too long. It is precisely for this reason that I am running now.


While you will note that some of the “deadlines” set for achieving some of these goals discussed in my many papers and books will soon be missed, in many ways, this is the entire point. Until and unless we all work TOGETHER on a BIPARTISAN basis, very little will be accomplished. The Future is up to YOU.


Below, I will briefly outline a Win-Win BIPARTISAN Contract for America that will be expanded upon further as you simply click on the specific issues of interest to you. It is my fervent hope that these seven issues can help bring about a fundamental Paradigm Shift in how we Solve Problems moving forward.