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Additional Issues To Discuss

Obama and the MURDER of Don Young (OMDY) -- and Sylvia



Superintendent Eddie Johnson

Chicago Police Department

                                                                                                                                                   November 4, 2016

Dear Superintendent Johnson,

Always Seek the TRUTH and the Win-Win Way

“If the entire purpose of Don Young’s MURDER and Cover-Up was to “PROTECT” Obama at all costs,

Continuing this Cover-Up until AFTER the election on Tuesday would simply be to both CONDONE and

ENABLE this CRIMINAL enterprise even further. This would, of course, be a quintessential RICO case.”


    It was wonderful to get the opportunity to both hear and meet with you briefly again on Thursday. I

am absolutely serious that, especially with the help of you and Chief Judge Timothy Evans, we actually

CAN  achieve the goal of a Gang-Free, Drug-Free, Full-Employment Economy in America by 2020 if only

we have the WILL to make it so. Where better than Chicago to have the first demonstration programs?


    Regardless of who “wins” on Tuesday, Safe Haven and the related programs discussed herein should

be accomplished on a BIPARTISAN basis. For this reason, I would ask you and Judge Evans to consider

joining me in a follow-up City Club of Chicago presentation on Safe Haven. Precisely because these would

be Bipartisan Initiatives, perhaps we could have Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti and/or Dennis

Murashko, Governor Rauner’s new Chief Legal Counsel, on the same panel.


    Prior to this, however, I must again ask you and/or Commander Brandon Deenihan to request that

Paul Castiglione and/or someone else from the SAO meet with Commander Deenihan and me BEFORE

the election to announce an Investigation into Obama and the MURDER of Don Young. In the absence of

the agreement of Paul to make this announcement, I will simply be going ahead with my Motion for a

Special Prosecutor to pursue this Investigation left deliberately undone by Detective McVickers before his

retirement. Asking Paul for his assistance in this matter helps to Protect the CPD either way.


     For your convenience, I have included below a brief summary of the Prima Facie case for a Special

Prosecutor concerning the Murders of Don Young and Sylvia. It remains my strong belief that it would be

very appropriate to consider Pardons  for both Obama AND Hillary concerning these and related issues

“for the good of the Country” if Trump should happen to win.

     Again, the entire purpose of Investigating these matters is to both FIX THE SYSTEM and, ultimately,

PREVENT such Arrogance, Stupidity and Systematic Abuse of Power (ASSs) from occurring in the future

(cf IF-PREVENT in the Bipartisan Contract). If we can achieve these goals, then the true “winners” on

Tuesday will be the PEOPLE of Chicago and far beyond. Let these be goals truly worthy of us all.

                                              God bless you and the CPD and God Bless America,


                                                                          Kimball Ladien, MD



[email protected]  KLSuptJohnsonOMDYCase4Nov16



The Hard-Core Prima Facie Case Concerning Obama and the MURDER of Don Young-- Sylvia’s Last Case

“There is no doubt concerning the following FACTS about Obama and the MURDER of Don Young and

the continuing active RICO Cover-Up related to the Investigation into this-- Sylvia’s Last Case.”


1.  Obama and the MURDER of Donald Young


1.1 Don Young, the openly gay Choir Director of Reverend Wright’s Trinity Unity Christian Church (TUCC),

was shot to death, execution style, in his apartment on Chicago’s South Side on 12/23/7.


1.2 Detective Robert McVickers who was “Investigating” this case was contacted by Larry Sinclair in

January, 2008 and given the phone records and other information proving  that Sinclair had been in

contact with Young for months concerning Sinclair’s two-day affair with Obama in 1999.


1.3 As Sinclair was able to describe Obama down to the “three small bumps on the tip of his

Uncircumcised Penis,” there was “hard evidence” that McVickers could have pursued should have he

chosen to do so.


1.4 Sinclair also provided McVickers with hotel records confirming his visit to Chicago in 1999 and his use

of Jagar Multani’s Five-Star Limousine Service during this time.


1.5 It was Multani who called and set up the meeting between Sinclair and “Barry” without charging

Sinclair for the “service” as would have been the customary practice in such situations.


1.6 What would have been impossible for Sinclair to have known at the time was that Multani worked

directly as part of Tony Rezko’s  “sex and drugs” influence peddling operations in Illinois.


1.7 It was not until Obama announced his Campaign for President in early 2007 that Sinclair realized that

“Barry” was, in fact, Barack Obama, a.k.a., “Barry Soetoro.”


1.8 When Sinclair first called Obama’s fledgling Campaign Headquarters in August 2007, he only stated

that he had used cocaine with Obama in 1999.


1.9 But when Don Young, who was acting as the head of Obama’s Bimbo Eruption Team, called Sinclair

back, the first question that Young asked Sinclair was why he had not mentioned having sex with Obama.


1.10 As  the ONLY person in the world who could have given Young this information, let alone told him to

call Sinclair back, was Obama himself, Sinclair’s case concerning Obama had significant Credibility from

day one should Detective McVickers had been interested in actually pursuing these matters. QED.


1.11 As Michael Jackson was ordered to undergo a physical exam of his erect penis as part of the

investigation into allegations of him abusing under-age boys, clearly there was precedent for doing a

similar exam on Obama as an early step in investigating this case.


1.12 In the case of Mayor Daley’s nephew, it took 9 ½ YEARS, the Chicago Sun-Times and a SPECIAL

PROSECUTOR to finally get RJ Vanecko to plead GUILTY to the MANSLAUGHTER of David Koschman.


1.13 Simply put, if the CPD was NOT willing to Investigate Mayor Daley’s nephew concerning a single

“shove” resulting in Manslaughter, it should come as no surprise that McVickers was NOT going to risk

his job, let alone his pension, to Investigate Obama in the RIGGED  Democrat Bastian of Chicago.


1.14 It should also come as no surprise that when Dr. Ladien contacted Sergeant Jarrod Smith of the CPD

“Cold Case” Division on 10/27/16, Smith “had never heard of this case.” Clearly, Detective McVickers

retired Deliberately trying to “bury” Barry’s case as he left with no sign-off to Smith whatsoever.

Welcome to Chicago.


1.15  To this very day, Anita Alvarez and her State’s Attorney’s Office (SAO) continue to actively BLOCK  this

case from being investigated, especially BEFORE  the election on 11/8/16. Clearly, the Deliberate

Suppression of such vital information from the PEOPLE of America as part of an Ongoing Cover-Up would

be evidence of a RICO violation requiring the appointment of a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR for further

Investigation and Prosecution as warranted. Clearly, also, the SAO has learned absolutely NOTHING from

History and the case of Mayor Daley’s nephew and requires the Court’s immediate Intervention in this

case similar to the actions of FBI Director James Comey and for the same reasons.


2.  Sylvia’s Last Case


2.1 Based on his 2004 “No Red States or Blue States, but UNITED  States of America” speech, on the day

that Obama announced his Candidacy for President, Dr. Ladien called his beloved wife and soulmate of

over 50 years, Sylvia, and asked her to send Obama $50 (which, for them, was a lot of money.)


2.2 Although she was a strong Hillary supporter, Sylvia Being Sylvia, she sent Obama $100.


2.3 It was not until January 2008, as part of her “Due Diligence” in researching Obama, that Sylvia

discovered Larry Sinclair’s testimonial on YouTube of using cocaine and having oral sex with Obama and

the MURDER of Donald Young.


2.4 As a mystery writer with an IQ of 185 and an excellent reader of body language, Sylvia immediately

felt that, at a minimum, Sinclair’s accusations required further review by herself and the authorities.


2.5 The more research that Sylvia did, the greater her concerns became related to Obama including not

only his potential role in the MURDER of Don Young, but his numerous Radical Ties from Communist

Franklin Marshall Davis (“Frank” in Obama’s autobiography) to Weather Underground Pentagon Bomber

Bill Ayres and his pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright (“God Damn America”).


2.6 Based upon all of the above information, Sylvia encouraged Dr. Ladien to write to Federal Attorney

Patrick Fitzgerald using the nom de guerre of “Concerned Citizen” outlining their concerns.


2.7 It was shortly after Dr. Ladien wrote this letter to Fitzgerald that Detective McVickers finally agreed to

even meet with Sinclair and “hear him out” concerning the MURDER of Don Young.


2.8 It is not so much a matter of McVickers not taking Sinclair “seriously,” as not wanting to get in the

middle of a case that could ruin his career. But, either way, as noted above, McVickers never actively

pursued this or many other leads concerning the case.


2.9 While Sinclair actively reached out to Hillary’s chief aides just prior to the 2008 Democrat

Convention, Joe Biden’s son, Beau, ILLEGALLY reached outside of his jurisdiction as the Attorney General

for Delaware and had Sinclair arrested on bogus charges only to release him AFTER the Convention

without any charges being filed. Joe and Beau Biden accomplish their goal-- Obama was the Candidate.


2.10 For “services rendered,” Joe Biden was slated for Vice President over Hillary. Hillary maintained her

silence concerning “OMDY” and was “rewarded” with appointment as Secretary of State. Therein lies

another tale....


2.11 Despite multiple letters over the next several years, NOTHING was done to further investigate

Obama and the MURDER of Don Young.


“ Trouble” for Sylvia and Dr. Ladien begins at SJH following Writing to Homeland on 11/22/11


3.1 In 2010, Sylvia received multiple times the Cumulative Radiation Dose (CRD) considered acceptable

for a single year during the treatment of a collapsed lung at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago.


3.2 Because of continuing “chest pains,” Sylvia underwent Elective Angiography at St. Joseph’s Hospital in

Chicago where she, again, received significant overdoses of radiation.


3.3 Although Sylvia had had a normal CBC just prior to her angiography, within four weeks, on 7/14/10,

Sylvia was being rushed to SJH ER near death with a Hemoglobin of 2.3 and leukemia blast cells

throughout her body. To this very day, NW and SJH CRIMINALLY Refuse to release Sylvia’s CRD.


3.4 Despite literally living in hospital rooms together for most of the next 19 months, Sylvia continued

her work on “OMDY.”


3.5 By November 2011, with no further progress in having Obama investigated, Dr. Ladien reached out to

Dr. Orly Taitz, a lawyer prominent for her work concerning Obama, urging her to fly to New Hampshire to

challenge Obama’s standing to be on the ballot.


3.6 Simultaneously with reaching out to Taitz, Dr. Ladien deliberately broke his “cover” by speaking

directly with multiple officials in New Hampshire up to and including their Attorney General concerning

Obama’s Ineligibility to run based upon his forged Birth Certificate among other issues. (See Kerning-Lay-

Back below.)


3.7 Also, because of Sylvia’s and Dr. Ladien’s grave and legitimate concerns for the SAFETY of the Country,

the 11/22/11, he also wrote to Homeland Security again. Despite using the nom de guerre of

“Concerned Citizen,” as Dr. Ladien noted in his letter, it would be very easy for Homeland to determine

who was writing to them should they choose to do so. (See Appendix B.)


3.8 While Dr. Ladien fully expected Retaliation against himself, he had not counted on Retaliation against

Sylvia who was gravely ill with leukemia secondary to her over-radiation at NW and SJH.


3.9 Within Four WEEKS, despite Dr. Ladien having been on staff at SJH for 15 years, he was having

significant “trouble” with Saint Joseph’s Administration and Its Lawyers (SJAIL).


3.10 Within 10 WEEKS of contacting Homeland, Sylvia was DEAD when she could have easily been



4.  Specific Actions of Saint Joseph’s Administration and Its Lawyers (SJAIL) Leading to Sylvia’s MURDER


4.1 Prior to writing to Homeland Security on 11/22/11, Dr. Ladien and Sylvia had lived together in

hospital rooms for almost 17 MONTHS without incident.


4.2 Because Sylvia had suffered a relapse of her Leukemia, on Friday afternoon, 12/16/11, Dr. Ladien

called Dr. Hagob Kantarjian at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to discuss her case.


4.3 Although Dr. Kantarjian had developed Sylvia’s original chemotherapy protocol, he now specifically

recommended experimental trial with Monoclonal Antibodies (MAbs) with fewer potential side effects.


4.4 While Sylvia and Dr. Ladien readily agreed to this then-Experimental Protocol, unfortunately it would

not begin until 1/1/12.


4.5 Although Sylvia was in the middle of a blast cell crisis, SJAIL informed Dr. Ladien late on Friday

afternoon that Sylvia would have to go home until the beginning of the MAb treatment on 1/1/12.


4.6 Each time that Sylvia relapsed, she would become increasingly confused. What Dr. Ladien did not

know at the time was that Sylvia had suffered an iatrogenic stroke as a complication of her IV

chemotherapy. This made it all the more important for Dr. Ladien, as Sylvia’s husband and POA, to be her

strong Advocate-- especially in the face of potential Malpractice by the Hospital.


4.7 Although Dr. Ladien protested vehemently that Sylvia was NOT medically stable for discharge and did

not have the proper equipment, SJAIL continued to insist that this go forward.


4.8 Precisely because Sylvia did NOT have the proper equipment for discharge on Saturday, her DC was

delayed until Sunday instead.


4.9 On Sunday, Sylvia’s labs showed a significant decrease in her Hemoglobin requiring an emergency

transfusion. Had Sylvia been discharged on Saturday, she could have easily DIED at home.


4.10 On Monday, 12/19/11, when Dr. Ladien returned from rounding on his own patients in the early

evening, he was told that “Sylvia does not want you to stay with her.” Upon entering Sylvia’s room

anyway, within FIVE MINUTES Sylvia had told at least seven SJH staff that she wanted Dr. Ladien to stay

with her as he had been doing for over 17 Months without incident.


4.11 Finally, after several hours of unnecessary delay, an Acting Hospital Administrator “allowed” Dr.

Ladien to stay with Sylvia without supervision. By this time, however, Dr. Ladien demanded an official

Apology from the Hospital and the Administrator for the unnecessary stress on Sylvia.


4.12 Instead, on 12/20/11, Dr. Ladien was escorted out of Sylvia’s room and Barred from seeing Sylvia or

even his own patients! The only people “Endangering a Patient” (Sylvia) were Saint Joseph

Administration and Its Lawyers (SJAIL). Indeed, within Five Weeks, Sylvia was DEAD by their malpractice.


4.13 Literally, within minutes of Dr. Ladien being escorted out of the room, SJH staff on instructions by

SJAIL were trying to get Sylvia to change her POA despite her clearly confused state.

4.14 On 12/23/11, an MRI confirmed that Sylvia had had a stroke in her right Parietal Area consistent

with the increased confusion that she was showing.

4.15 Nonetheless, on this day SJAIL insisted on Sylvia changing her POA to her daughter Fawn despite

Sylvia’s clearly Diminished Decisional Capacity as evidenced by her lack of Understanding, Logic and

Consistency confirmed by the individuals conducting this process. Because Dr. Ladien was Barred from

being in the hospital, he could not protect Sylvia, let alone be her advocate.


4.16 On 1/1/12, Dr. Ladien’s hospital privileges were reinstated and he was “allowed” to see Sylvia for 15

minutes a day. Throughout the entire time that Dr. Ladien had been barred from seeing her, Sylvia was

frequently crying and asking for her husband to be with her.


4.17 On 1/5/12, with another physician who was a friend as a witness, Sylvia changed her POA back to

Dr. Ladien. On this particular day, amongst friends, Sylvia was particularly lucid. She discussed incidents

with her physician friend that had occurred years earlier. Sylvia had both Logic and Understanding of why

she was choosing Dr. Ladien to continue as her POA.


4.18 Literally within minutes of Sylvia changing her POA, the CEO of SJH, Roberta Luskin Hawk, rushed

down two floors from her office, but it was too late. Hawk broke out into a rage against Dr. Ladien and

plotted her revenge.


4.19 The next day, 1/6/12, Hawk again barred Dr. Ladien from being with Sylvia more than 15 minutes a

day. Hawk also had SJH staff change Sylvia’s POA back to her daughter although the individuals involved

clearly stated that she was Confused and kept Switching back and forth between her husband and her

daughter. The individuals involved in changing Sylvia’s POA also readily acknowledged that they had  NOT

given her  INFORMEDCONSENT  that only a Judge could Change her POA when she was in a confused

state . These individuals also did NOT inform Sylvia that changing her POA would be equivalent to signing

her own death warrant—Literally. Within a month, Sylvia was DEAD.




5.1 Among many other things, despite plans for Sylvia to have new “experimental” treatment with

Monoclonal Antibodies (MAb) on 1/1/12, SJAIL callously and with Malice of Forethought DELAYED

starting this medicine for almost a month until Dr. Ladien threatened to take them to Court.


5.2 Within days of starting MAb therapy on 1/27/12, Sylvia’s blast cell count was ZERO and her Vital

Signs were Stable off of pressor medications. Simply put, Sylvia was getting Better.



5.3 Despite Sylvia’s improvements, however, SJAIL Deliberately ignored Sylvia’s Multiple Advance

Directives to be Full Code, turned up an unneeded morphine drip and literally watched for seven DAYS as

Sylvia slowly Drowned to Death on her own secretions when she could have easily been SAVED by either

turning down the morphine drip and/or simply protecting her Airway and Breathing (the A and B of ABC)


5.4 One of Sylvia’s doctors at the time “explained” to Sylvia’s daughter at what was happening to her

Mother was “Like Putting Down a Dog.” Except Sylvia was NEVER  a dog.


5.5 SJAIL also NEVER gave Sylvia’s daughter INFORMED CONSENT that only a Judge can change a

patient’s POA, let alone Advance Directive when they are of DiminishedDecisionalCapacity . Indeed, this

is precisely why patients are encouraged to sign Advance Directives when they are of Full Decisional

Capacity and can be given true INFORMED CONSENT.


5.6 In 1975, when Karen Ann Quinlin was in a Coma, the Prosecutor for Morris County in New Jersey the

States Attorney General both warned the Sisters and Administration of Saint Claire Hospital that, if Karen

Ann Died and they had not taken the case to Court, they could all be charged with HOMICIDE.


5.7 And while in the case of Karen Ann Quinlin, the Sisters did the Right and Loving Thing by giving Karen

her “day in court,” in the case of Sylvia, SJAIL Deliberately Blocked taking Sylvia’s case to Court knowing


that they could lose not only their jobs and licenses, but even their liberty (ie, go to jail) for the

Deliberately Reckless and Criminal Acts that they had already done.


5.8 SJAIL has consistently hidden the Truth as to their acts, NOT to “protect” the Sisters but, as with all

Abusers, to Protect THEMSELVES.


5.9 The Illinois Power of Attorney Act (I LCS 45/4-9b) clearly states that:

(b) A person who falsifies or forges a health care agency or willfully

conceals or withholds personal knowledge of an amendment or revocation of a

health care agency with the intent to cause a withholding or withdrawal of

life-sustaining or death-delaying procedures contrary to the intent of the

principal and thereby, because of such act, directly causes life-sustaining or

death-delaying procedures to be withheld or withdrawn and death to the patient

to be hastened shall be subject to prosecution for involuntary MANSLAUGHTER.


5.10 Also, Deliberate Recklessness leading to WRONGFUL DEATH Eagle definition of MANSLAUGHTER.

But when KNOWLEDGE and INTENT are present (“It’s like putting down a dog.”), this becomes MURDER .


5.11 SJAIL knew that if Sylvia beyond “woke up” and testified against them in Court, they could lose their

Jobs and Licenses and, potentially, their Liberty (i.e., jail time).


5.12 Thus, SJAIL had the MEANS ,  MOTIVE  and  OPPORTUNITY to want Sylvia Dead . The only true question

is: “Did SJAIL Act Alone?” This remains a Question as yet Unanswered. Time will Tell.


6. “ Simple” v “Complicated” Versions of Events–c/s Homeland--WRONGFUL DEATH by ASSs Either Way


6.1 While the “Simple” Version of Events would be that Roberta Luskin Hawk was upset with Dr. Ladien

for his strong advocacy on behalf of Sylvia and was “retaliating” against him when things simply “got out

of hand,” this may or may not be the entire “story.”


6.2 In 1992, when Dr. Ladien first asked then-Governor Jim Edgar for a letter of support for Safe Haven,

before Governor Edgar signed this letter, he sent the Illinois State Police to “confidentially” talk to the

CEO of Morris Hospital where Dr. Ladien was then the Medical Director of the Department of Psychiatry.


6.3 While there was nothing at all “controversial” about Safe Haven and it had clear BIPARTISAN support,

the only way that Dr. Ladien knew of this inquiry was that the CEO, as a friend, felt that he had a moral

obligation to let Dr. Ladien know what happened.


6.4 Similarly, in April 2016, Dr. Ladien approached the Secret Service when Corey Lewandowski was

accused of “assaulting” a reporter even though the video clearly showed the woman grabbing then-

candidate Trump’s arm from behind and Lewandowski pulling her away. Simultaneously, a young Secret

Service Agent could be seen running into place behind Trump where he should have already been.


6.5 In addition to Dr. Ladien pointing out that the Secret Service quite literally did NOT have Candidate

Trump’s back, he asked the Secret Service to publicly acknowledge that Lewandowski (who had

previously been a State Trooper) was simply acting instinctively to Protect a Candidate and that the

reporter, who had started the incident, was definitely NOT “thrown to the floor.”


6.6 For Dr. Ladien’s efforts, just as had happened 24 years earlier, the Secret Service paid a “visit” to a

hospital where Dr. Ladien was on staff. They were not inquiring as to Dr. Ladien’s health. And, again, the


only reason Dr. Ladien knew about this incident was that the individual contacted told him. It was

precisely Dr. Ladien’s “good standing” that let the Hospital Administration “laugh off” this matter.


6.7 Simply put, if the Secret Service would contact a Hospital when Obama was not even running again,

it is perfectly reasonable to ask if they or some other agency (Homeland?, FBI?) contacted Saint Joseph’s

Administration in early December 2011 when Obama certainly WAS  running again for the Presidency.


6.8 Both Dr. Ladien and Sylvia had initially been positively in favor of Obama before Sylvia, as a Mystery

Writer with an IQ of 185, discovered information about his >20 year affair with Don Young and Don’s

“unexplained” Murder, let alone his multiple Radical Ties from Franklin Marshall Davis to Weather

Underground Pentagon Bomber Bill Ayres to his Pastor “God Damn America” Jeremiah Wright.


6.9 It was precisely as Sylvia continued her investigation that she found the Sworn Testimony of the

Informant within the Weather Underground. Larry Gaitwohl:

“I brought up the subject of what’s going to happen after we take over the government...They felt that

this counter-revolution could be guarded against by creating and establishing re-education centers in the

Southwest.... I asked what would happen to those people that we can’t re-educate, that are die-hard

capitalists. And the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated. And when I pursued this further, they

estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these re-education centers. And when I

say eliminate, I mean KILL , 25 million people.” Undercover Agent Larry Graitwohl re Weather

Underground Leadership Meeting


6.10 When it comes to absolutely Hypocritical DOUBLE STANDARDS being applied to President Trump vs.

Obama, the above quote by Undercover Agent Larry Graitwohl could be Exhibit A.


6.11 The Weather Underground Leadership at the time of Larry’s quote included Pentagon Bomber Bill

Ayres and Bernadine Dorn. This is the same Bill Ayers who stood on an American flag after 9/11 stating

that he only regretted “not doing more” to bring about the destruction of America. This is also the same

Bill Ayers who launched Obama’s political career in his Hyde Park front room in 1995, helped write his

books and, along with Bernadine, would babysit for the Obama’s when Malia and Sasha were young.


6.12 From card-carrying CPUSA member Franklin Marshall Davis through “God damn America” Rev.

Jeremiah Wright through George Soros, Obama’s background is replete with Radical Associations that,

under “normal” circumstances, would have kept him from even being a janitor at the CIA. But where are

the Congressional hearings to “fully investigate” these associations (cf also Valerie Jarrett)? Had Hearings

been Held and the TRUTH been told, history would be very different. Again, the absolutely Hypocritical



6.13 Even more to the point, however, as outlined above, to date neither the Chicago Police Department

nor the FBI have seriously investigated the Execution-style MURDER of Jeremiah Wright’s openly gay

choir  director and Obama’s lover for 20 years, Don Young, on 12/23/7.


6.14 Importantly, Chief Criminal Court Judge Leroy Martin has ruled that Don Young’s mother, Norma

Jean has  STANDING to ask for a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR so that the TRUTH  can finally be known.

6.15 If a Special Prosecutor can be appropriately appointed to investigate the Cover-Up of Mayor Daley’s

Nephew’s role in the Wrongful Death of David Koschman and, now, even the “Special Consideration”


given to Jessie Smollett, then it is certainly time for the TRUTH to be found centering Obama and the

MURDER of Don Young.


6.16 While Dr. Ladien does NOT know at this point if there is a connection between retaliation for his

WHISTLEBLOWING Activities concerning Obama and the MURDER of Don Young and those concerning

his beloved wife, Sylvia, he Vows to God Almighty that he will find out before he goes to join Sylvia for



6.17 Either way, Dr. Ladien also Vows to FIX THE SYSTEM and Fight Arrogance, Stupidity and Systematic

Abuse of Power (ASSs) to the absolute best of his ability for the GOOD of ALL.


7.  Conclusions—Comey Model of Transparency v A RIGGED System with RICO SPECIAL PROSECUTORS

If a Special Prosecutor was fully warranted in the case of Mayor Daley’s nephew (and it was), then the

same level of scrutiny or greater is absolutely REQUIRED to Investigate Obama and the MURDER of Don

Young and Sylvia.”


   By the time that the Court hears this case, you will know whether or not the State’s Attorney’s Office

(SAO) cooperated with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) in getting the story of Obama and the

MURDER of Donald Young and Sylvia out to the American PEOPLE in time for them to use this

information in determining their Vote—or Not.


    The Court will also know if any of the “Rigged Media” made any efforts to inform the American

PEOPLE concerning these matters BEFORE the Election. (Holt, Radditz and Wallace ALL had this

information BEFORE the Debates and Deliberately FAILED to use it. So much for “Fair and Balanced.”)


    Finally, Court will also know if the SAO are opposing or supporting the Motion for a Special Prosecutor

to fully investigate the MURDERS of Don Young and Sylvia.


    It is precisely based on this information that, if there is the true Transparency and Accountability, let

alone Equal Justice under the Law, that the Court should grant this Motion for a Special Prosecutor.

    If a Special Prosecutor was fully warranted in the case of Mayor Daley’s nephew (and it was), then the

same level of scrutiny or greater is absolutely REQUIRED to Investigate Obama and the MURDER of Don

Young and Sylvia.


  It will then be up to the American PEOPLE to decide whether “the System,” including the Courts, are

RIGGED— or Not.


  It is also up to the American PEOPLE as to whether this System should finally be FIXED  in order to

build “a more perfect union” so that there is true Liberty and JUSTICE for ALL. Let these be goals truly

worthy of us all. So it shall be.


-- So pray Sylvia and Dr. Ladien






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