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World Class Education for All

4. World-Class Education for ALL -- The Comer/CSC Model for Excellence in Education (SH 135; CP 48)


4.1 Introduction: OUTCOMES v Ideologies-- Deliberately Designing Academic Excellence in Education

This Section briefly summarizes specific steps to Deliberately Design Academic Excellence in our Education System by focusing on OUTCOMES v Ideologies in defining BEST PRACTICES moving forward. Below, I summarize seven specific programs that can help in achieving these goals. An Expanded version of this can be found by clicking here for my paper, Comer-Model Community Service Corps (CSC) School Programs for Excellence in Education. But first, it is important to look at programs that have WORKED both in the past in America and in other Countries currently to significantly improve Academic OUTCOMES and Safety in Chicago Schools starting as early as this summer.


The Number One Predictor of a child’s Academic Performance both here and around the World is NOT class size, amount spent per pupil or teachers’ salaries, it is, by far, PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT. In 1968, Yale Psychiatrist Dr. James Comer took the two Worst performing elementary schools in New Haven Connecticut and transformed them over a year into the second and third Highest academically performing schools specifically by involving Parents in the process. Safe Haven’s Community Service Corps (CSC) turbochargers this process and can help develop World-Class Schools-- SAVING LIVES and Tax Dollars in the process.


During the Depression in America, it was not uncommon for there to be 40-50 students in a class-- but you could hear a pin drop and true Learning was occurring. Clearly, it was not a matter of money or class-size, it was a question of VALUES. Similarly good OUTCOMES can be found in many other Countries around the World today. To improve, we must ask the question “What are South Korea, Finland and even Canada doing that we are NOT?”


Simply put, true LEARNING requires Discipline and Effort. Parents around the World can encourage their children to be Lifelong Learners-- not just in terms of reading books, but always feeling that they have the Right and Power within them to achieve whatever they can dream. But they also have the Responsibility to help Build a Better World for ALL, especially by Working TOGETHER. We must Learn to not only be Respectful of others, but to appreciate what wonderful accomplishments can be achieved working Together. The bottom line is, whether in America or around the World, True EMPOWERMENT comes from balancing Rights AND Responsibilities. Dr. Ladien yes omm: once

4.2 Seven Programs to Significantly Improve Academic OUTCOMES


Obviously, there are both “Short-“ and Long-Term steps that can be taken to significantly improve our Schools in highly Cost-Effective, Win-Win ways. The following is a brief summary of Seven Programs from Pre-K on to Strengthen Parental Involvement and build World-Class Schools--marching TOGETHER on Freedom’s Road towards true EMPOWERMENT. By simply clicking on each section, those who may be interested can read more details.

4.2.1 Pre-K -- Job and Parenting Skills

4.2.2 Teacher’s Aides, Hall Monitors, Custodial Services, etc.-- Rapid Response Teams

4.2.3 Afterschool Programs -- Monitors, Tutors, Coaches

4.2.4 Support Groups for At-Risk Youth and Their Families (SuGARYFams)

4.2.5 Apprenticeship Training Programs

4.2.6 Free-Enterprise Zones, TIFs and Prevention-Oriented County/Community Incentive Plans (POCCIPS)

4.2.7 College and Beyond -- Universal Education and Community Service