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Ending Political Gridlock

Ending Gridlock in Washington and Beyond with GOOD GOVERNMENT vs “Politics as Usual” (CP p59)


“The essence of our research is to make sure that the fight against Poverty is based on Scientific Evidence.” -- Dr. Esther Duflo, 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics Recipient


In 2019, the Nobel Prize in Economics went to Dr. Abkifat Banaja and his wife, Dr. Esther Duflo (both at MIT) and Dr. Michael Kremer (Harvard) for developing an Experimental Approach to fighting Poverty based on Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs). While RCTs has been the Standard of Practice in GOOD MEDICINE for decades, GOOD SCIENCE is now applying these techniques to some of our most pressing social problems including Poverty, Crime, Addictive Behaviors, Healthcare and much more.


At the University of Chicago, Michael Belsky is applying OUTCOMES-Based Budgeting (OBB) to actually Evaluating Governmental Budgets based on OUTCOMES instead of “Good Intentions,” Opinions or “Politics as Usual.” By making Budgeting Decisions at ALL levels of GOOD GOVERNMENT based on the actual OUTCOMES of various programs, we can quickly move from Gridlock to Win-Win Progress based on Results instead of Opinions. Similarly, estimating anticipated Outcomes can help in the Ranking of proposed programs for RCTs before their full implementation. This is how Research Funding is done.


Thus, rather than endless “debates” concerning Programs, by employing Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) to evaluate various “liberal” or “conservative” approaches to specific problems and agreeing ahead of time to implement the programs with the Best OUTCOMES in the most Cost-Effective manner possible regardless of “Ideologies,” we would finally be moving from “Politics as Usual” to genuine GOOD GOVERNMENT for the GOOD of ALL Such a Win-Win approach can be applied to Healthcare, Education, Criminal Justice and the PEACE Paradigm, etc. as described below.


Now, instead of looking at any particular “Party,” VOTERS could decide on Candidates based on their pledging to implement the BIPARTISAN Contract for America based on GOOD SCIENCE and GOOD GOVERNMENT -- thus finally Ending GRIDLOCK Once and for ALL.


It is worth noting that in the dark aftermath of WWII, the brilliant Mathematician, Johnnie von Neumann helped to develop Game Theory which showed that, in the long run, Non-Zero Sum Win-Win Strategies always outperform Win-Lose Scenarios. Over the Ages, countless millions of people have been Killed and Harmed by Arrogant, Stupid, Systematic Abusers of Power (ASSs) fighting for one Win-Lose Tribe or Cause or another. Simply put, we have all Lost by the Countless Lose-Lose Wars and Oppressors over the Millennia. It is to FIGHT ASSS that I ask for your help NOW. (See PEACE Paradigm.)


Of course, the Fundamental Principle of Win-Win Game Theory was first articulated by a very wise man some 2000 years ago who preached that we should “Do onto others as we would have done unto ourselves.” Sadly, Jesus too was Killed by ASSs preaching this message. But it Is Time to finally Practice what we Preach. Whether it is Russia, China, the EU or all other countries, as Hillary would say we are “Stronger Together.” Whether it is as a Country or as a Planet or as a Galaxy, this Principle is True.


As discussed in my book, The Chicago Project, using Safe Haven and GEIP as LEVERAGE for a PEACE Paradigm, with the help of Russia and China, we can offer these programs to Iran and North Korea, respectively, in return for the Peaceful Denuclearization of these Countries. Similarly, offering these programs to Countries in South America, Africa and Asia can help to significantly improve the Global Standard of Living for ALL of God’s Children. Simply put, the more that we All Work TOGETHER as a Country and as a Planet, the Better the Win-Win Outcomes are for us ALL. Jesus’ Message Lives On.


Sooner than later, another Nobel Prize in Economics will be awarded to a group of individuals who expand upon the work of Banarjee, Duflo and Kremer noted above to develop a comprehensive Economic Model of Win-Win Game Theory and OUTCOMES-Based Budgeting applied at ALL levels of Government and Economies from Local to National to International for the GOOD of ALL. Note: the UofC already has 98 Nobels in Economics …This, too, is an important part of The Chicago Project. (See Below)