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Coconate Wired - Radio Show

Fast forward to15:30 to hear about Obama and ties to the unsolved Don Young Murder and talk about political double standards.


Obama and the MURDER of Don Young: Sylvia's Last Case? Getting Away with MURDER?

Obama and the MURDER of Don Young tells the story of the Murders of Don Young, the gay choir director of Reverend Wright's church and 20-year-long lover of Obama, Don Young, and Sylvia who was investigating this case at the time of her Wrongful Death. As of now, both cases remain "unsolved."

Safe Haven- Breaking the Cycles

As with FDR's CCC and WPA, Safe Haven's Community Service Corps (CSC) provides JOBS in the Public and Private Sections to Break the Cycles of Poverty and Crime in America. If the ONLY thing we do by 2019 is to implement After school programs for our children and Work Programs for ALL individuals on Probation and Parole, we can easily reach the initial goal of Reducing Gang Crime and MURDERS >40% and help make Chicago a Model for the Country on the way towards achieving a Gang Free, Drug-Free, Full-Employment Economy in America by the year 2020 that SAVES LIVES and BILLIONS of tax dollars--significantly IMPROVING Education and Business OUTCOMES while Dramatically Reducing Crime in the process. This would be a true Win-Win for ALL Americans. Simply put, not only can Safe Haven finally break the cycles of gangs, drugs, dropouts, abuse and Joblessness, when combined with Dr. Ladien's Global Energy Independence Program (GEIP) saving $2-3 T/yr, we can finally give the PEOPLE truly BIPARTISAN Universal Healthcare and Education and much more based on GOOD SCIENCE--optimizing OUTCOMES instead of Ideologies. Time will tell.

The Chicago Project

"The Manhattan Project Built the Bomb. With the Chicago Project we can all help Build the PEACE." 1. A Gang-Free, Drug-Free, Full-Employment Economy in America by 2020 (Safe Haven); 2. Building the "Cyber-City/State/Country/World of the Future" (IF-PREVENT and Super-EPIC); 3. Building and implementing GEIP (Clean, renewable energy SAVING $2-3 TRILLION/year); and 4. PEACE on Earth by 2030 (starting with Peace Paradigm for ISIS, Iran and North Korea in 2018

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