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Global Energy Independence Program (GEIP)

1. Global Energy Independence Program (GEIP) -- Clean, Renewable Energy = $2-3T/yr (CP p101)


As a Scientist, my Global Energy Independence Program (GEIP) can provide clean, renewable energy that SAVES $2-3T/yr of the $5-7 Trillion/yr currently spent primarily on carbon-based sources of energy.


Since America uses approximately one third of the energy used across the planet, $1T/yr could go far not only towards helping to pay off our Budget Deficit but also pay for Universal Healthcare and Education on a BIPARTISAN basis. Similarly, if the $2-3T/yr of SAVINGS with GEIP is used globally as LEVERAGE for a PEACE Paradigm, PROFOUND GOOD can be done. (See below.)



GOOD SCIENCE is based on Validation and NOT Opinions. Thus, an Engineer who had worked closely with Jack Welch when he was CEO of General Electric has confirmed that GEIP does Precisely what I say it can do. This is how true Win-Win Progress is made.