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Suntimes Interview

1.    Please tell us about your civic work in the last two years, whether it’s legislation you have sponsored or other paid or volunteer work to improve your community. (SH, CP, OMDY) 


    In 1993, I wrote Safe Haven outlining how by using a Community Service Corps (CSC), much like FDR’s CCC and WPA, we can create JOBS in the Public and Private Sectors to help Break the Cycles of Gangs, Drugs, Dropouts, Abuse and Joblessness -- SAVING LIVES and Tax Dollars in the process. Although everyone from Gov. Jim Edgar through Sen. Carol Mosley Braun wrote letters of support, these programs have yet to be implemented. In 2018, I published the 25th Anniversary Edition of Safe Haven as well as CP and OMDY. It is precisely to move from Lose-Lose “Politics as Usual” to Win-Win GOOD GOVERNMENT based on GOOD SCIENCE and GOOD PREVENTIVE MEDICINE that I am running now.


    In 2018, I reached out to ALL Candidates to sign a BIPARTISAN Contract for Chicago/IL arguing that:


“If the ONLY thing we do in 2019 (sic) is to implement After School programs for our children and JOB Programs for ALL individuals on Probation and Parole, we can easily reach the initial goal of Reducing Gang Crime and MURDERS >50% and help make Chicago a Model for the Country on the way towards achieving a Gang-Free, Drug-Free, Full-Employment Economy in America by the Year 2020 that SAVES LIVES and Billions of Tax Dollars-- a good start indeed to Paying Off the Pensions and CUTTING TAXES.”


    While you will note that some of the “deadlines” set for achieving some of these goals discussed in my papers and books will soon be missed, in many ways, this is the entire point. Until and unless we all work TOGETHER on a BIPARTISAN basis, very little will be accomplished. This is precisely why I feel so strongly that we must move beyond Lose-Lose “Politics as Usual” to genuine Win-Win GOOD GOVERNMENT based on GOOD SCIENCE and GOOD PREVENTIVE MEDICINE for the Benefit of ALL.



--Impeachment and DOUBLE STANDARDS in the Media



2.     What are your views on the decision by the U.S. House to impeach President Donald Trump? Has the impeachment process been fair or not? How so? If, in your view, the president should not have been impeached, would you have supported censure? Please explain. (CP p89; OMDY)



    The ongoing Impeachment hearings are a TRAVESTY and are fully illustrative of both the DOUBLE STANDARDS and Lose-Lose problems with “Politics as Usual” that must be overcome if we are to finally achieve truly Win-Win GOOD GOVERNMENT based on GOOD SCIENCE and GOOD PREVENTIVE MEDICINE (CP p 79). It is in part to address these issues and FIGHT ASSs (Arrogant, Stupid, Systematic Abusers of Power) wherever they may be that I am running for Congress in CD5.


    Again, the utter Hypocrisy and DOUBLE STANDARDS of the way that Trump is being treated for wanting to investigate the true Corruption of Hunter Biden being paid millions by Burisma while his father, Joe, bragged about threatening to cut off US aid to the Ukraine is fully typical of the Biased Media and is but one reason for deciding to run in CD5. But even this pales by comparison with the facts outlined in my book Obama and the MURDER of Don Young (the openly gay choir director of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity Unity Church).


    Simply put, neither the CPD, Kim Foxx nor other willing accomplices in the media have even bothered to interview Don Young’s mother who would readily tell them that her son was MURDERED  on 12/23/7 to keep knowledge of his 20-plus year affair with Obama unknown to the general public (OMDY).


   As a Mystery Writer with an IQ of 185, my beloved wife and soulmate of over 50 years, Sylvia, was investigating this case when she herself was Murdered on 2/4/12. While it is yet unclear whether these 2 Murders are related, both remain uninvestigated and “unsolved.” Time will Tell. (LadienforCongress)


    Similarly, although both Sylvia and I were initially supportive of Obama, his many Radical Associations from Communist Franklin Marshall Davis through Jeremiah Wright and Pentagon Bomber Bill Ayres raised great concerns. These concerns grew even stronger when an Informant reported on a meeting of the Weather Underground Leadership during which they discussed the Killing of 25 Million Die-Hard Capitalists “Once we take power.” But the Media would rather focus on Trump’s so-called “Collusion.”


    My 11/4/16 letter to Superintendent Eddie Johnson (posted on LadienforCongress) outlines both of these cases. This letter may well be the reason that he failed to meet with me for over 3 years despite multiple promises to do so. Welcome to Chicago and the DOUBLE STANDARDS of “Politics as Usual.”


-- Reducing the Federal Budget Deficit


3.     How would you reduce the federal budget deficit, which now stands at about $1 trillion for 2020? What changes, if any, to the U.S. tax code do you support and why? (SH p125; CP p59)


    As a Physician I outline in LadienforCongress precisely how by the application of GOOD PREVENTIVE MEDICINE we can SAVE LIVES and Billions of Tax Dollars. As a Scientist, I briefly outline on my website how my Global Energy Independence Program (GEIP) can provide clean, renewable energy that SAVES $2-3T/yr of the $5-7 Trillion/yr currently spent primarily on carbon-based sources of energy.


    Since America uses approximately one third of the energy used across the planet, $1T/yr could go far not only towards helping to pay off our Budget Deficit but also pay for Universal Healthcare and Education on a BIPARTISAN basis. (See below.) GOOD SCIENCE is based on Validation and NOT Opinions. Thus, an Engineer who had worked closely with Jack Welch when he was CEO of General Electric has confirmed that GEIP does Precisely what I say it can do. This is how true Win-Win Progress is made.


    Also, I support many of the changes to the US Tax Code implemented by President Trump. Simply looking at the significant Improvements in our overall economy suggests the value of these changes. Again, it is always important to base Policy on OUTCOMES instead of Opinions. So it shall be.


 -- Healthcare reform


4.     What changes would you like to see made to our nation’s healthcare system? Would you shore up the Affordable Care Act or work to repeal it in full? What’s your view on Medicare for All? And what should be done, if anything, to bring down the cost of prescription drugs? (CP p59)



    As noted above, the potential SAVINGS in the US of $1T/yr with Safe Haven and GEIP can help to fund Universal Healthcare and Education on a BIPARTISAN basis if only we can finally move from the gridlock of Impeachments and “Politics as Usual” to GOOD SCIENCE and GOOD GOVERNMENT for the Benefit of ALL. By focusing on Best Practices and rigorous Cost-Benefit Analysis of OUTCOMES instead of Ideologies, true Progress can be made. If done right, Affordable Healthcare and Prescription Drugs can help make us both Healthier and Stronger as a Nation on the way towards a more Perfect Union.



-- Immigration Reform/DACA


5.     The Trump administration is awaiting a ruling from the Supreme Court as to whether it can end the DACA program — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — which shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation. Do you support or oppose DACA and why? Should a path to citizenship be created for the so-called DREAMers? Please explain. (CP pp110, 128)



    From the beginning, President Trump has sought a Win-Win Outcome concerning DACA. Common sense, however, argues that we must FIX the Problems of rampant Illegal Immigration if we are to resolve these issues in a Positive BIPARTISAN Win-Win Way. Thus, the rigorous enforcement of eVerify would be a simple, cost-effective way to discourage illegal immigration in return for resolving DACA.


    On a broader level, however, as discussed below concerning the use of Safe Haven and GEIP as part of a PEACE Paradigm, if we can prevent Poverty and Joblessness in America, we can replicate these programs in Countries across the World. And $2-3T/yr can go a long way towards accomplishing these goals in a positive Win-Win Way. Again, it is precisely by working TOGETHER that problems are solved.


 -- Three Priorities for Congress


6.     What are the three most important issues in your district on which the federal government can and should  


    The Three most important issues in CD5 and across the Country on which the Federal Government can and should act are: 1) a Strong Economy; 2) Security at home and abroad; and 3) Ending Gridlock through the use of BIPARTISAN OUTCOMES-Based Decision Making as discussed below.


1.A Strong Economy (CP p59)


   We have one of the Strongest Economies and Highest Job Rates in years. This is NOT by accident. We need to support and expand upon such policies moving forward.


2. Security at Home and Abroad -- The PEACE Paradigm (SH; CP p105)


    Safe Haven can give us Safety and Security at home by reducing Gang Crime, Drugs and Murders         > 95% through the use of GOOD PREVENTIVE MEDICINE, GOOD SCIENCE and Best Practices based on OUTCOMES instead of Ideology-- SAVING LIVES and Tax Dollars in the process.


    Just as with Penicillin, what works in Chicago and America can be replicated around the World. The $2-3T/yr of SAVINGS with GEIP can help to make this so. By sharing GEIP with both China and Russia, we can get their assistance with the Peaceful Denuclearization of North Korea and Iran, respectively. With GEIP-powered desalinization plants, we can turn deserts into Gardens in the Middle East and far beyond. With Safe Haven, we can transform Violence and Despair into JOBS and HOPE throughout the World. And in the process, PROFOUND GOOD will have been done for the Benefit of ALL.


3. Ending Gridlock (CP p76)


    By finally moving from Lose-Lose “Politics as Usual” to genuine Win-Win Good GOVERNMENT using OUTCOMES-Based Decision Making based on GOOD SCIENCE and Best Practices, we can finally End Gridlock at ALL levels of government moving forward. This may be the greatest Win-Win of all.



-- GOOD GOVERNMENT vs “Politics as Usual”


7       What is the biggest difference between you and your opponent? (CP, p267)


   My “Opponents” are Lawyers and Politicians. I am a Physician and Scientist. Both GOOD SCIENCE and GOOD MEDICINE are fundamentally based on Seeking the TRUTH and applying these insights for the Benefit of ALL. We make Progress by Testing our Assumptions and basing Policy on OUTCOMES vs Opinions. Simply put, we make the greatest Progress by Always Seeking the TRUTH and the Win-Win Way. The more consistently we apply these principles at ALL levels of Government, the more quickly we can move towards a more Perfect Union for the GOOD of ALL.



-- Gun Violence


8       What action should Congress take, if any, to reduce gun violence?


    A Motto of Safe Haven is that A PENNY OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A DOLLAR OF CURE. As noted above,  “If the ONLY thing we do  is to implement After School programs for our children and JOB Programs for ALL individuals on Probation and Parole, we can easily reach the initial goal of Reducing Gang Crime and MURDERS >50% in the first year alone and >95% in future years – helping to make Chicago a Model for the Country on the way towards achieving a Gang-Free, Drug-Free, Full-Employment Economy in America by the Year 2020 that SAVES LIVES and Billions of Tax Dollars-- a good start indeed to Paying Off the Pensions and CUTTING TAXES.” (SH pp95,127; CP p51)


    By replacing “Catch and Release” with “Catch and Sentence” with After School and JOB Programs for  Adolescents and Adults, respectively, we can Break these All-Too-Vicious Cycles ONCE AND FOR ALL. When Criminals know with certainty that having, let alone using, a gun will result in an Increased Sentence, gun violence will decrease dramatically. Again, we should base Policy on OUTCOMES and NOT Ideology. Simply put, TEST the Alternatives then ACT on the most Cost-Effective Best Practices available.



-- Climate Change


9       Is climate change real? Is it significantly man-made? Is it a threat to humankind? What if anything should Congress and the federal government do about it? (CP, p100)



    “Climate change” has been with us since the beginning of time. While Society has increased the output of CO2, we are also far more than capable with GOOD SCIENCE and GOOD GOVERNMENT to FIX this problem in a Win-Win Way. As noted above, my Global Energy Independence Program (GEIP) can provide clean, renewable energy that SAVES $2-3T/yr that can be a true Win-Win on every level. Not only has an Engineer who had worked closely with Jack Welch at GE confirmed this simple equation, I will gladly Share GEIP with Lori Lightfoot, JB Pritzker, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and President Trump on a BIPARTISAN basis in return for their support for the implementation of Safe Haven as part of a Win-Win Grand Deal that can not only END Gridlock, but help implement Universal Healthcare and Education along with rebuilding our Infrastructure. This would be GOOD GOVERNMENT at its BEST.



-- Social Security and Medicare


    10 What should Congress do to ensure the solvency of Social Security and Medicare? (CP, p59) 


    Social Security and Medicare are two of the most popular Federal Programs and already have broad BIPARTISAN support. Through the use of Safe Haven and GEIP as part of GOOD SCIENCE, life expectancy should continue to increase over future years. With the increasing use of Automation and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, overall Productivity should also continue to rise.


    But, as the 18th century English economist Thomas Robert Malthus correctly noted, as long as Population Growth continues, we can always exhaust any natural and economic resources that we might have. For this reason, we need Win-Win Policies that can help guarantee an Increasing Standard of Living for ALL Americans and others as well. Thus, the more that we encourage smaller families through our social policies, the more “Ecologically Sustainable” Society and our social programs will be.



-- Universal Education: Community Service vs Student Loans


    11. What should Congress do to address the student loan crisis? Would you use the word “crisis”? (CP, p87; SH, p51)


    As noted previously, the SAVINGS from both Safe Haven and GEIP can help fund Universal Healthcare AND Education on a BIPARTISAN basis. Students can already pay for College and/or Vocational Training by serving in the Military. With the use of an expanded Community Service Corps (CSC) model, loan deferments could be offered to students agreeing to serve (e.g., five years) in areas needing additional services (e.g. rural and inner-city communities, etc.).


    A motto of Safe Haven is that Entitlement is Rights WITHOUT Responsibilities (i.e., “Society owes me everything and I owe society Nothing.”). No society benefits from such policies. Conversely, true EMPOWERMENT always comes by combining Rights AND Responsibilities (i.e., “Ask Not what your Country can do for you. Ask what YOU can do for your Country.”). We EMPOWER students by asking them to Serve Their Country in return for Society helping them. This too is a Win-Win for ALL.



-- Foreign Relations -- Win-Win PEACE Paradigm


12.  What should our nation’s relationship be with Russia? (CP, p103)


    During WWII, the United States and Russia were allies and TOGETHER we defeated Fascism. During the Cold War, the Totalitarian USSR and the “Free-World” nearly annihilated the Planet. In the dark aftermath of WWII, the brilliant Mathematician, Johnnie von Neumann helped to develop Game Theory which showed that, in the long run, Non-Zero Sum Win-Win Strategies always outperform Win-Lose Scenarios. Of course, this Principle was first articulated by a very wise man some 2000 years ago who preached that we should “Do onto others as we would have done unto ourselves.”


    Sadly, Jesus too was Killed by ASSs preaching this message. But it Is Time to finally Practice what we Preach. Whether it is Russia, China, the EU or all other countries, as Hillary would say we are “Stronger Together.” Whether it is as a Country or as a Planet or as a Galaxy, this Principle is True.


    As discussed in my book, The Chicago Project, using Safe Haven and GEIP as LEVERAGE for a PEACE Paradigm, with the help of Russia and China, we can offer these programs to Iran and North Korea, respectively, in return for the Peaceful Denuclearization of these Countries. Similarly, offering these programs to Countries in South America, Africa and Asia can help to significantly improve the Global Standard of Living for ALL of God’s Children. Simply put, the more that we All Work TOGETHER as a Country and as a Planet, the Better the Win-Win Outcomes are for us ALL. Jesus’ Message Lives On.


 -- Tariffs


13. What’s your view on the use of tariffs in international commerce? Has President Trump imposed tariffs properly and effectively? Please explain.(CP, p103) 


    Long before Donald Trump was President or even the host of “The Apprentice,” he was perhaps best known as the author of The Art of the Deal. While Trump did not specifically use the term “Win-Win,” all Good Deals are, by definition, Win-Wins at one level or another. President Trump has specifically stated his dislike of Tariffs as a Policy while appreciating their “usefulness” as a Strategic Tactic which works.


    Clearly, on many levels, not just China but most other Countries have taken advantage of America for a very long time indeed. Stealing Intellectual Property and other Unfair business practices Must Stop and Tariffs can help accomplish this Positive Goal. Having said this, however, the sooner that Countries around the World can develop Win-Win Economic Models as part of a PEACE Paradigm, the better it will be for us all. This is a Fight worth Fighting.


-- Promoting Democracy and the “Four Freedoms”


14. Does the United States have a responsibility to promote democracy in other countries? Please explain. (CP, p105)


    When asked “What is the best form of Government?,” the wise leader of Athens, Pericles, responded “For What People at What Time?” Simply put, circumstances evolve, but some basic principles remain.


    During WWII, FDR articulated the “Four Freedoms” of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear. These are Basic Freedoms that should be preciously guarded even “beyond” Democracy, per se. Thus, while the Afghanistan Taliban may be “guaranteed” the Right to practice their Religion, they do NOT have the “Right” to oppress women. But, just as in America, Democracy may be imperfect and evolving. Most importantly, we should try to both support and practice the “Four Freedoms” both at home and abroad to the best extent possible Again, the $2-3T/yr of GEIP as part of the PEACE Paradigm can help in this Win-Win process for the GOOD of ALL.


-- PEACE Paradigm -- Preventing Proliferation


    15. What should Congress do to limit the proliferation of nuclear arms? (CP, p101)


     As noted above and in more detail in The Chicago Project, using both Safe Haven and the $2-3T/yr of GEIP as LEVERAGE for a PEACE Paradigm, with the help of China, Russia and the EU, we can peacefully negotiate the Denuclearization of North Korea and Iran, respectively. Conversely, if we do not “Set an Example” with these two countries, nuclear proliferation becomes almost inevitable. Simply put, Presidents from George Bush to Bill Clinton to Barack Obama had the opportunity to get the job done and FAILED. As both Winston Churchill and Stalin could tell you, APPEASEMENT NEVER WORKS. While a Win-Win Peaceful outcome is desirable, Nuclear Proliferation is unacceptable. Given the utter Failures of past Presidents, reelecting Trump may be the best way to ensure Denuclearization. One way or the other, President Trump can offer both Kim Jong Un and Ayatollah Khomeini “an offer they CANNOT refuse.” This, too, is “The Art of the Win-Win Deal.” Time will



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   -- Norma Jean Young



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-- World-Class Education


   “Comer-Model Community Service Corps (CSC) School Programs for Excellence in Education”