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Goals of Safe Haven

If within the next decade we can again walk down any street anywhere in America at any time of the day or night and both feel and actually be safe, then we are starting to do our job. If we can go into any home and find love and caring; if we can go into any school and find learning and growing; if we can go into any workplace and find productive and drug-free employees; if we can reach out into any neighborhood and find a sense of pride and commitment to the Community, then indeed a new millennium will have been reached. This is our goal. This is our dream. It is one I hope to share with you all. Working alone we can accomplish little.  But working TOGETHER we can Change the World. As we read history and set the agenda, we have only seven years to go and not a second to lose. Let these be goals truly worthy of us all.

“If the ONLY thing we do in 2019 (sic) is to implement After School programs for our children and JOB Programs for ALL individuals on Probation and Parole, we can easily reach the initial goal of Reducing Gang Crime and MURDERS >50% and help make Chicago a Model for the Country on the way towards achieving a Gang-Free, Drug-Free, Full-Employment Economy in America by the Year 2020 that SAVES LIVES and Billions of Tax Dollars-- a good start indeed to Paying Off the Pensions and CUTTING TAXES.”


“Just as with Penicillin, what works in Chicago and America can be replicated around the World. The $2-3T/yr of SAVINGS with GEIP can help to make this so. By sharing GEIP with both China and Russia, we can get their assistance with the Peaceful Denuclearization of North Korea and Iran, respectively. With GEIP-powered desalinization plants, we can turn deserts into Gardens in the Middle East and far beyond. With Safe Haven, we can transform Violence and Despair into JOBS and HOPE throughout the World. And in the process, PROFOUND GOOD will have been done for the Benefit of ALL.”

-- For Sylvia and all of the other Countless Victims of Arrogant, Stupid Systematic Abusers of Power (ASSs) over the Ages… Alone, we can accomplish little. Working TOGETHER, we can Change the World.”

-- Kimball Ladien, MD, The Chicago Project

Goals of The Chicago Project