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Safety & Jobs for All

Safety and JOBS for ALL -- Breaking the Cycles with Safe Haven and Chicago-BAJE (SH p114; CP p47)


“If the ONLY thing we do in 2019 (sic) is to implement After School programs for our children and JOB Programs for ALL individuals on Probation and Parole, we can easily reach the initial goal of Reducing Gang Crime and MURDERS >50% and help make Chicago a Model for the Country on the way towards achieving a Gang-Free, Drug-Free, Full-Employment Economy in America by the Year 2020 that SAVES LIVES and Billions of Tax Dollars-- a good start indeed to Paying Off the Pensions and CUTTING TAXES.”


Safe Haven is a series of PREVENTION-oriented, community-based initiatives aimed at breaking the cycles of gangs, drugs, abuse and joblessness in America once and for all. Much as with the CCC and WPA from the Depression era, a Community Service Corps (CSC) would provide unemployed able-bodied persons JOBS in the private and public sectors thus helping individuals contribute positively to society even as they look for other work on a more permanent basis.    


The motto for Safe Haven is A PENNY OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A DOLLAR OF CURE. If we can reduce gang crime, drugs, abuse and joblessness by even 10%, we would be SAVING Illinois over $500 million annually. By reinvesting some of the savings into further expanding community-based, prevention-oriented programs such as affordable day care and afterschool programs for our children, we could achieve a multiplier effect with even greater savings, both financial AND human, in future years. Our overall target goal would be to achieve a gang free, drug-free, full employment economy in America that SAVES LIVES and BILLIONS of tax dollars while significantly IMPROVING our Education system and Business sector in the process. This would be a true win-win for the citizens of Illinois.