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Security at Home and Abroad

Security at Home and Abroad -- The PEACE Paradigm -- Sharing GEIP with the World (SH; CP p105)


   Safe Haven can give us Safety and Security at home by reducing Gang Crime, Drugs and Murders         > 95% through the use of GOOD PREVENTIVE MEDICINE, GOOD SCIENCE and Best Practices based on OUTCOMES instead of Ideology-- SAVING LIVES and Tax Dollars in the process.


   During WWII, the United States and Russia were allies and TOGETHER we defeated Fascism. During the Cold War, the Totalitarian USSR and the “Free-World” nearly annihilated the Planet. In the dark aftermath of WWII, the brilliant Mathematician, Johnnie von Neumann helped to develop Game Theory which showed that, in the long run, Non-Zero Sum Win-Win Strategies always outperform Win-Lose Scenarios. Of course, this Principle was first articulated by a very wise man some 2000 years ago who preached that we should “Do onto others as we would have done unto ourselves.”


   Sadly, Jesus too was Killed by ASSs preaching this message. But it Is Time to finally Practice what we Preach. Whether it is Russia, China, the EU or all other countries, as Hillary would say we are “Stronger Together.” Whether it is as a Country or as a Planet or as a Galaxy, this Principle is True.


   As discussed in my book, The Chicago Project, using Safe Haven and GEIP as LEVERAGE for a PEACE Paradigm, with the help of Russia and China, we can offer these programs to Iran and North Korea, respectively, in return for the Peaceful Denuclearization of these Countries. Similarly, offering these programs to Countries in South America, Africa and Asia can help to significantly improve the Global Standard of Living for ALL of God’s Children. Simply put, the more that we All Work TOGETHER as a Country and as a Planet, the Better the Win-Win Outcomes are for us ALL. Jesus’ Message Lives On.


   Just as with Penicillin, what works in Chicago and America can be replicated around the World. The $2-3T/yr of SAVINGS with GEIP can help to make this so. With GEIP-powered desalinization plants, we can turn deserts into Gardens in the Middle East and far beyond. With Safe Haven, we can transform Violence and Despair into JOBS and HOPE throughout the World. And in the process, PROFOUND GOOD will have been done for the Benefit of ALL. Let these be goals truly worthy of us all.