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Win -Win Trade Deals

Win-Win Trade Deals and International Relations (CP p101)


We have one of the Strongest Economies and Highest Job Rates in years. This is NOT by accident. We need to support and expand upon such policies moving forward.

Long before Donald Trump was President or even the host of “The Apprentice,” he was perhaps best known as the author of The Art of the Deal. While Trump did not specifically use the term “Win-Win,” all Good Deals are, by definition, Win-Wins at one level or another. President Trump has specifically stated his dislike of Tariffs as a Policy while appreciating their “usefulness” as a Strategic Tactic which works.


Clearly, on many levels, not just China but most other Countries have taken advantage of America for a very long time indeed. Stealing Intellectual Property and other Unfair business practices Must Stop and Tariffs can help accomplish this Positive Goal. Having said this, however, the sooner that Countries around the World can develop Win-Win Economic Models as part of a PEACE Paradigm, the better it will be for us all. This is a Fight worth Fighting.